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Rhonda Fuller, Executive Director for Meriwether County Family Connection.

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Get Meriwether Reading launched our first Summer Read & Feed Program since joining the Get Georgia Reading Campaign. We partnered with the Meriwether County School System’s nutrition program and followed the feeding vans around our county to read to the children as they were eating a nutritious meal. We were blessed with over 30 volunteers to read at 20 feeding sites all over the county. Volunteers consisted of elected officials, community leaders, current and retired teachers, churches and community partners. Our volunteers were very creative in engaging the children. We were able to reach over 200 children during the summer and thanks to generous donations and grants we were able to provide over 200 free books for the children to keep. We had a luncheon to thank our volunteers and they shared so many endearing stories of reading to these children and noted how very rewarding this was for everyone involved. One volunteer even noted that the children wanted to read to them by the end of the program. Meriwether Family Connection and Summer of Champions Summer Camp partnered with our local library to have a foam day to promote reading for our youth and this event was a success this summer as well.

Thank you to Meriwether School System for partnering with us on this program. We look forward to providing this service again next summer.

Thank you,
Rhonda Fuller, Executive Director Family Connection
Angie Shirah, Early Literacy Coordinator

Get Georgia Reading Four Campaign Pillars

Get Georgia Reading’s Four Campaign Pillars

  • Language Nutrition: All children receive abundant, language-rich adult-child interactions, which are as critical for brain development as healthy food is for physical growth.
  • Access: All children and their families have year-round access to, and supportive services for, healthy physical and social-emotional development and success in high-quality early childhood and elementary education.
  • Positive Learning Climate: All educators, families, and policymakers understand and address the impact of learning climate on social-emotional development, attendance, engagement, academic achievement, and ultimately student success.
  • Teacher Preparation and Effectiveness: All teachers of children ages 0-8 are equipped with evidence-informed skills, knowledge, and resources that effectively meet the literacy needs of each child in a developmentally appropriate manner.